Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Yellow Raincoat

I've been looking around for a raincoat for the last six months. I've been thinking about getting a classic yellow raincoat for a while now that strikes a balance between function and style. I remember some examples of yellow raincoats from childhood in a children's poster I had with some cartoon ducks in yellow raincoats and a yellow coat that a family friend wore on a trip he made across the Atlantic from Ireland to America that I remember from the cover of the book he wrote about it.

I love Swedish brand Stutterheim's raincoats since I first saw them at the Capsule Trade show in Paris last year. Their rain gear is functional yet aesthetically appealing and I've had my eye on their yellow version for a while.

This coat should be prove a particularly useful in rainy Ireland.

Detailed post on Stutterheim on its way very soon.

Ar Bhád Chonraí go Meiriceá
by Colm Dubh Ó Méalóid
(featuring a yellow oilskin raincoat)

Unboxing of my own Stutterheim coat