Sunday, 17 November 2013

Best of British

Best of British offers British made and tailored pieces at M&S.

The idea is quite clever. While M&S provides quality staples and basics, this venture was porbably started to establish a relationship with a new customer base and to poach a few shoppers from brands like Zara etc. It's a venture away from the normal safe behaviour of the brand. It's a clever move and a new marketing strategy while still respecting its everyday customer base.

It caught my attention when I wandered into the flagship store. The shoes stand out. Goodyear welting on the shoes makes them easy to resole and long lasting. In this climate that's what I want to hear. The shoes are not free though and the price tag certainly reflects the whole idea of the made in Britain label. with it's core ideas of hand made shoes,  good materials and a shoemakers name to the brand.

One of the shoes is made by Cheney. I don't know why the customer wouldn't go directly to that shoemaker and avoid M&S completely for a couple of extra pounds? Maybe you can answer that for me?

They have suits for £799 for men which look quite well. But again you are paying for what you get. For the ladies my favourite items are the Best of British pure wool peak lapel one button tweed jacket. It looks quite stylish.

Although the idea is great and parts of the editorial are really attractive, other parts of the website are very clumsy and uninviting. It's a pity.

Comparison between both parts of the website

All photos by M&S.
For more visit their site

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