Sunday, 27 October 2013

Shawl (Yui)


I've been thinking about shawls lately. Yui used her shawl to shield her from the heavy rain on Capel street. With the shawl around her body she really stood out from the crowd and their umbrellas.

With winter coming soon I want to get a simple one, something I can throw over me. I'm eyeing up one or two throws in Avoca. These throws are made in Ireland are are usually very simple and made from high quality material. I have no idea how to make them stay on me though.  A pin or brooch perhaps. Any ideas?

Traditional heritage shawl ''Caitlín agus Máire''

This whole idea ties in with a postcard I found  in my house. It's a photo of two people from my local area, Caitlín and Máire (auntie and niece). The design and colour jumps out at you.  I think I will be playing around with the idea of traditional blankets and shawls and their patterns and prints in the coming weeks. For me the shawl has so many cultural connations in Ireland as well as abroad including the tribal designs from the middleeast , Asia and South America which were all over the high street and which can be seen in both photos above. Heritage knits and traditional patterns are just great and are most definetely on my mind with the temperature dropping.

Fashion Blankets (street wear)

Photos by GQ Magazine ''The rise of the Manket''

Iconic Brand Blankets

The blanket is also popular on the european street style scene. Although the blanket or large shawl by the big designers have been around for some time I think a step back to traditional knit shawls and heritage patterns are much more classic and wearable. 

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